Trisevgeni Rapakoulia

PhD Students


My research interests include:
System Biology 
Prediction of harmful SNPs.
Genome Wide Association Studies

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning Approaches
Evolutionary Algorithms
Feature Selection Techniques

Selected Publications

  • Trisevgeni Rapakoulia, Konstantinos Theofilatos, Dimitrios Kleftogiannis, Spiros Likothanasis, Athanasios Tsakalidis, and Seferina Mavroudi. EnsembleGASVR: A novel ensemble method for classifying missense Single Nucleotide PolymorphismsBioinformatics 2014
  • ​Dimitrios Tsolis, Sofia Stamou, Paraskevi Christia, Soultana Kampana, TriseugeniRapakoulia, Maria Skouta and Athanasios Tsakalidis. An Adaptive and Personalized Open Source e-Learning Platform. Elsevier International Journal Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol. 9, pp. 38-43, 2010.


​2013-today: PhD in Computer Science at KAUST, Thuwal, SA. Advisor: Panos Kalnis.

2012: Masters Degree in Informatics for Life Sciences, Medical School, University of Patras-Greece. Specialization: Bioinformatics.

2010: Diploma in Computer Engineering,Computer Engineering and Informatics Department, University of Patras-Greece